Debt-Slapped is when your debt:
  • Hurts your college experience because you’re stressed about it;
  • Makes you drop out of college;
  • Forces you to change to a major or career you don't love;
  • Keeps you at home with mom and dad longer;
  • Sets you up for a big hurt after college when it’s payback time.

Today's students have to take on more debt than any prior generation just to get a college degree. Now more than ever, it's vital you make wise decisions about the amount of debt you take on. The cost of college is sky-rocketing. As is the cost of basic expenses such as housing, health care, energy, and transportation. Salaries are not keeping pace.


This website contains videos and guides that can help you manage your debt and your money. Click the links on the left hand bar to navigate to a topic. Each topic page has a video or information to help you on your way. The full Debt Slapped Series of videos is available here on the top of this page and on the student resources page.

The Teacher Resources link contains Powerpoints and lesson plans for use in class.

The Parent Resources link contains websites and books useful to teach your child about money management as well as resources for you to help pay for college.

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